The Learning Edge

  • Promotion of Experiential Learning:
  • Emphasis on connecting theory with practical applications.
  • Students are encouraged to use laboratories, undertake field visits, outdoor experimentation and project development.
  • Exposure to STEM and Astronomical Science activities
  • Promotion of Scientific Temperament:
  • Students are encouraged to develop science projects for the Annual Science Exhibition. The students with best projects are provided financial assistance and encouraged to participate in competitions at various levels.
  • The school received grant from Niti Aayog to establish Atal Tinkering Lab. The idea is to provide facilities to the students to think and innovate.
  • In the last three years, two of the projects have been able to secure first position at CBSE National Level Science Exhibition. One on ‘Speech Simulation’ and the other on ‘Smart City’.
  • The school has started with 3D Printing Lab to promote students’ imagination and creativity.
  • Innovative Practices:
  • Tie up with ‘Helen o Grady’ Theatre in Education Group: We firmly believe theatrical/drama techniques facilitate the verbal communication skills and personality development of our students. We believe such an exposure to real life situations provides our students with a platform to develop their speaking skills, creativity, confidence, and above all, life skills.
  • Learning Corridors are planned with display boards concurrent with the teaching topics, which act as colourful and informative teaching aids, and play the role of mini field trips for students.
  • Young Entrepreneurs’ Club is formulated in which the students get to learn the fine nuances of entrepreneurial tasks. They get practical exposure as well. An example is Running the School Canteen for a Day.
  • Nature Walks are conducted for young children so as to enhance their familiarity and knowledge of the environment around them.
  • Customised School Olympiads in Maths, Computer, Science and English are conducted to help students prepare and practice for various international level competitive examinations.
  • Beyond Books topics are an integral part of the school curriculum. They help enhance students’ knowledge and broaden their horizon.
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