Facilitators of Learning

Under competent leadership, The VGS Faculty, the backbone of the school, extends education beyond conventional boundaries.

Facilitating enriching experiences, the teachers at the VGS are essentially equipped with the qualities of the head and the heart and lead the young learners put under their care on the path of success.

In their teaching process, the teachers do not forget that they are forever learners and as such, require to keep themselves abreast with the latest, by way of regular in- service training and orientation programmes that are organized for them from time to time.

They acknowledge different learning abilities, needs and styles of students and seek to optimize their learning by addressing individual requirements in a very positive and an all - inclusive manner.

They encourage the new generation not just to follow, but to overtake.

Teachers at the VGS are...
• Well Qualified
• Technology Savvy
• Innovative
• Creative
• Hardworking
• Understanding
• Committed
• Most important of all - Learners Forever
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