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Rishi Raj of Class X Exhibits Exceptional Performance in Olympiad Exams

Rishi Raj of Class X has been felicitated with AcademicExcellence Scholarship by Science Olympiad Foundation for his exceptionalall round performance in SOF exams conducted during the academic session2016-17. He received a cheque of Rs 5000/-, a trophy and a citation as theAcademic Excellence Scholarship. He displayed exquisite performance in the SOFexams, as under:

National Science Olympiad: Zonal Rank 1 andInternational Rank 19: He received a cheque of Rs5000/-, a gold medal and a certificate

National Cyber Olympiad: Zonal Rank 8 andInternational Rank 102

International Mathematics Olympiad: Zonal Rank 18 andInternational Rank 199.

The VGS applauds the spectacular achievements of its youngacademician!

Venkateshwarians Participate in the Speaker of the Year Induction Programme

The young Venkateshwarians got a unique opportunityto be part of an induction programme conducted by VM Speaker of the Year and radiochannel Fever 104, for the competition ‘Speaker of the Year’ on Aug 3, 2017 inthe school premises.  

Speaker of the Year is the brain-child of MaverikVentures- a Delhi based organization which focuses on skill development amongstchildren. Co-founded by Mr. Ankit Kapoor and Mr. Prateek Kumar, the mission ofSpeaker of the Year is to create a platform for children where they can expresstheir ideas about the challenges and problems that exist in our society. Sinceits genesis in the year 2011, Speaker of the Year has had six successful roundsthat aim to bring change from the grass root level. With ‘Bharat Rising’ as itstheme, the organization has partnered with radio channel Fever 104. 

In the course of the induction session, studentswere made aware of the various stages of the program. Students were thrilled tomeet RJ Adi from Fever 104 who guided them through the process. The presence ofMrs. Dorris Francis was an equally rewarding experience. The 60 years oldbrave-heart voluntarily controls traffic at NH 24 ever since the passing awayof her daughter in a road accident, in July, 2010. Mrs. Francis is an eminentspokesperson on road safety and winner of BBC World Services’ OutlookInspiration Award. Mrs. Francis’ story touched every person present and thestudents vowed to follow traffic rules.

As the school’s attempt to raise awareness aboutroad safety, students presented a nukkad natak and a talk show on the sametheme. The students showed their prowess in acting and delivered a meaningfulperformance. The session left the students thrilled about the upcomingcompetition.

Venkateshwarians Give a Great Performance In Inter School Competition

Venkateshwarians participated in VanMahotsav- an Inter School Competition organized by Maharaja Agrasen ModelSchool, Pitampura, on Aug 5, 2017.

Samarth Asija and Yamir Bamel ofClass VIII took part in the event ‘A Peep into Leadership- An Enactment’  and bagged the Third Position for theirportrayal of the leadership Of Oman!

Anuva Rai and Tanmay Singh of ClassVII participated in the event ‘Maths! Magic! Mystery!’ wherein their notableperformance earned them Certificates of Appreciation.

Congratulations to the youngachievers!!

Venkateshwarians Win Accolades in Inter School Competition

The Venkateshwarians participatedin DAV, Pushpanjali’s Inter school Competition, SPECTRUM2017, held betwee Aug 2-4, 2017 and won rave reviewsand awards for their spectacular performances in various events.

Mansha Sachdeva and Aakarsh Goel ofPre Primary class gave an amazing performance  in theCollage Making Event on ‘My Favourite State’. The little ones were given special certificates for their outstandingperformance in the event.

Diya Aggarwal of Class I displayed an outstandingperformance as a Manipuri bride in the Brides /Grooms of India event. She inspired many with her beautifulattire and presentation and won a special certificate for her performance.

Plavita of Class VI bagged the Second Position inthe Poster Making event, ‘India, A tourist’s Delight’ by drawing a beautifulposter that drew much appreciation from the judges.

AnanyaGoyal of Class XI, and Kirti Mangla and Kohav Gupta of Class XII walked awaywith the Third Position in the event ‘Market Twister’, in which they had toclear three qualifying rounds to reach the final round. In the final round theygot a product on the spot, which they had to creatively design, label, give itan appealing title, and advertise. The young Venkateshwarians completed thechallenge with ingenuine imagination and recived special appreciation.

Way to go, Venkateshwarians!!Heartiest congratulations to all! 

A Peep Into The World of Fiction: Class VI Students Meet Author of Children’s Books, Ms Venita Coelho

On Aug 2, 2017, students of Class VI got an excitingopportunity to meet Ms Venita Coelho, a writer, director and painter who haswritten many books for children like -Tiger by the Tail, Dead as a Dodo etc.

She had an extremelyinteresting and humour filled interactive session with the students wherein shenarrated one of the stories from her latest book for young readers- ‘The Dungeon Tales’. Her stories are amusing and have a message for thereaders. 

At the end of thesession, the author patiently answered the students’ questions about her personaland professional growth. The students were also eager to know about the otherworks published by Ms. Venita Coelho.

The session enhancedthe students’ interest and enthusiasm in reading different kinds of books bydifferent authors.

It was indeed an enrichingand refreshing experience for the young Venkateshwarians.

Educational Visit to Yakult Manufacturing Unit, Sonipat

AlbertEinstein rightly acclaimed that education is what remains after one has leftschool.

Thefunction of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Asan attempt to instil the same, students of Class IX visited Yakult ManufacturingUnit at Sonepat, Haryana on 31st July, 2017. The factory is spreadover 8 acres and out of this more than 30% area is the green belt area. Theplant that became functional in the year 2008 is a fully automated unit. Tohelp students gain knowledge about the company and its product an audio visualpresentation was given by the factory’s PR team. The informative sessionhighlighted the efforts of Dr. Minoru Shirota, a Japanese scientist and themind behind the product. The students got to know how Dr. Shirota isolated andcultured a probiotic strain and used it to make Yakult, a fermented drink thatprovides our body the necessary good bacteria.

Postsession, the students were taken for an inside tour of the factory where theywere shown and explained the entire manufacturing process. They saw thestate-of-the-art machines and were explained how the entire manufacturingprocess is hands-free. The students were amazed to see how the factory whichmanufactures approximately one million bottles per day is managed by only 26people;  with customised, revolutionarymachines doing the majority of work. The PR team provided students insights notonly about the product but also about healthy eating habits.

Thevisit ended with the students’ photo op with the team. The experience was anenriching one and left the students with a lot of valuable information.

Venkateshwarians Observe Road Safety Day

“Safetyis not just a slogan, it is a way of life” 

The school observed Road Safety Day on July 10,2017.

Students from classes Pre-School – I participated ingroup discussions, quiz and various games related to road safety. Students wereshown various road signs and videos on safety measures. Significance of thesigns, importance of wearing seat belts and helmets were also emphasized.

Teachers enacted role plays in Class 1 ensuringexperimental learning for the same. Learning road safety rules at an early ageis very important. The school will be continuing the road safety awarenessprogramme throughout the session.

Venkatehswarians Shine in Inter School Competition

The young students of the VGS participated in “Kalamko Salaam” an event organized by KIIT WORLD School, Pitampura on July 27, 2017.Keeping up with the spirit of Dr. Kalam, the event aimed at providing opportunitiesto showcase creativity and explore the fascinating realms of science andtechnology.

Dr. G.S. Sodhi, professor at SGTB Khalsa College andhead of the Forensic Department was the honorable Chief Guest on the occasion.

The young Venkateshwarians bagged the First Positionin ‘Hocus-Pocus’- the Science Magic Show and the Third Position in MerveillesDes Scientifiques  (enactment of a Scientist).

The participants of  Hocus-Pocus were all students of Class VIII,namely, Samarth Gupta, Raaghav Jain, Arnav Nigam and Nikunj Malik

Samarth Asija, also of Class VIII, won the Third Positionin the Scientist enactment event where he enacted Albert Einstein and presentedhis work and achievements.

The VGS also bagged the overall rolling trophy inthe event!

Heartiest congratulations to the winning team!!

Venkateshwarians Steal the Show in Zonal One Act Play Competition 2017

The young Venkateshwarians showcased their superb acting skills andstole the limelight by bagging the first position in the Zonal One Act Play Competitionheld at Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya on July 27, 2017. 

The VGS congratulates: 

Neelansh Aggarwal (XI)

Lakshay Thakran (XI)

Arpit Rai (XI)

Satyam Garg (XI)

Shivika Arora(XII)

Divy Meher Kapoor (IX)

Udit Madaan (IX)

Mridul (IX)

Shashwat Jha (IX)

Avnee Garg (IX)

Sidak Singh Bedi (IX)

Agrima Bhatia (IX)

Abhishek Narula (IX)

Arnav Adhikari (IX) and

Ribhav Goel (IX)

for their scintillating performance and wishes them all the bestfor the district level!

Class I students Enjoy a Mocktail Party

Hot summers can be fun,

when little ones know how to beat the Sun.

The Mock tail party of class 1,

was missed by none!


The little ones of Class I made a healthy beveragein their “Mock tail Party” on July 25, 2017. They made a drink of their choiceby adding the goodness of fruits and some slush. The taste of mint and lime anddifferent varieties of fruits made the drink all the more delicious. Theyenjoyed their colourful and refreshing drink in their beautifully decoratedglasses and soaked in the real feel of the summer season.  

They not only relished the drink but alsoexperimented with varied combinations of fruits.

The hot summer afternoon certainly turned out to befruitilicious for the young students!    

The VGS holds the Venkateshwar Model United Nations Conference 2017

The VGS hosted its maiden Venkateshwar Model United Nations Conference (VMUNC)  on July 22& 23, 2017, in which around 150 delegates participated from reputed schoolsacross Delhi. The Chief Guest, Dr. Captain Deepti Solanki and the Special Guestof Honour, Mr Rajiv Solanki, the school’s Chairman, declared the conferenceopen at the glittering opening ceremony held on July 22, 2017.

The VMUNC was a unique effort to notonly provide the young participating delegates with an opportunity to learnabout diplomacy, international relations, and the role played by the UnitedNations, but also enhance their researching, public speaking, debating andwriting skills and augment their critical thinking, teamwork and leadershipabilities. The goal of the event was to provide ahighly realistic educational experience to the participants.

The two days ofthe conference were replete with intense activity, debates and discussions as delegatesrepresenting various countries around the world, used all their diplomacyskills and ingenious methods of reasoning and argument to defend their country’spolicies. They displayed remarkable experience in the four committees: UnitedNations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), United Nations Security Council (UNSC),South Block Situation Room (SBSR) and Constituent Assembly of India (CA), thathad riveting agendas that assured intellectually stimulating debates anddiscussions.

Many of the delegates were first time MUNersbut the highly equipped Executive Board members helped them expand theirknowledge base and understanding of complex issues, suchas,  terrorism, fascism, intolerance, poverty, illiteracy andillness; and find viable solutions to innumerable associated problems -political, economic and humanitarian, with compassion and sensitivity andthrough dialogue, debate and deliberation.

The conference was an amazing spectacleof tireless enthusiasm displayed by all the participants. With all thecommittees making great headway into their respective topics under the expertguidance of the Executive Boards, the VMUNC  concluded on a high note for all theparticipants.

The felicitation ceremony saw the Executive Boardmembers presenting trophies and certificates to the best delegates in theircommittees. The school’s Principal, Ms. Kavita Soni felicitated the members ofthe VMUNC Secretariat and applauded them for their commendable work inorganizing and facilitating the event.

The overall experience was immensely enriching for the young Venkateshwarians asthey made the most of the event personally, academically, andprofessionally. 

Venkateshwarians Sweep the Zonal Round of Slogan Writing Competition 2017

Aarushi Gupta and  Kanav Goyal of Class VIII won the FirstPositions in the Zonal English and Hindi  Slogan Writing Competition  in the Junior Girls and Junior Boys category,respectively. The event was held at SKV Avantika on July 20, 2017.

Heartiest congratulations to the young artists!! Wewish them the very best in the Inter Zonal Round!!

Young Venkateshwarians Share Their Memorable Moments in Germany

The students of  the VenkateshwarGlobal School visited Germany between June 15- 29, 2017 under  a students’ cultural and educational exchangeprogram with Philipp -Matthaus-HahnSecondary School. The VGShas been associated with PMHG under this programme for the past six years andthe cultural exchange partnership has been extremely successful in expanding students’ knowledge about the richculture and heritage of both the countries, besides fostering sensitivity,appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity and religious tolerance.  

Here are some experiences shared bythe young Venkateshwarians who visited Germany this year:

“Travelling-it leaves you speechlessand turns you into a storyteller!” This has been so rightly quoted by IbnBatuta !

And a perfect example of this, wasmy visit to Germany under the Indo-German exchange programme 2017.

This trip has given us so many newwonderful experiences and great memories. 

Chilling and singing our favouritesongs to walking for kilometers with our friends to see exciting new places……..honestly.. every day was better than the other. 

Choosing our own ingredients and makingour own chocolates at Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory was one of the mostmemorable moments of the trip! Also, learning about the evolution of carsand comparing them to the current model made me realise how fast society is developingand I am sure that soon, cars would be launched with even better and moremodern technologies.

The real fun was the Climbing Garden. Theobstacles were really thrilling and at some point I was really nervous but thenmy fear didn't stop me from going to the most difficult level and the best partwas that we actually overcame all the obstacles without any help! 

Visiting various towns and shoppingwas also enjoyable. Our visit to the old age home was an emotional moment!

This trip also made us realise howmuch significance, respect and admiration India holds in the hearts of ourGerman friends.

Truly, this was the most memorableand enjoyable trip I have ever had and as it was a culture exchange we all gotto know a lot about the rich culture of Germany and in the process, understoodIndia’s culture in a deeper sense.”

-        Aadya Manan


“My favourite activity of thisexchange programme was the Punting boating in Tubingen. Tubingen is such abeautiful place, especially for nature lovers like me! The water was so clearand there were colourful flowers everywhere which enhanced the beauty of theplace!”

-        Mrinal Grover


“I enjoyed making chocolates at the RitterSport Chocolate Factory and the experiments that we did at Technoroma ScienceMuseum. We had great fun at the farewell party.

My partner and his family were verynice. They were very loving and made me very comfortable in their home. Ienjoyed visiting Germany a lot. It was a wonderful and an enjoyable trip.”

-        Rijul Jain


“My experience with my exchangepartner, Maria,  was extremely awesome. I enjoyed each and every day withher. We did lots of things together. There was a trampoline at her house whichwe enjoyed the most. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Trips Drill with her. Theroller coasters there, were amazing. Within these 15 days I felt like we're thebest of friends and her family was very loving. They made me feel like home. I'llreally miss her!

My experience with my second exchangepartner, Jessy, was great too! I would consider myself as really blessed tohave got 2 exchange partners at the same time. I really enjoyed the day when wewent to fly a glider. It was the most adventurous and amazing experience onecould ever have. We both shared a great bond together!

-        Garima Arora


“My favourite day was when I went tothe Black Forest with my host family. We had a lot of fun together. There wedid boating. The weather was great. My friends Navika and Mrinal and their hostfamilies were there too. We enjoyed a lot. It was a great day.”

-        Anshika


“I had a great experience inGermany. For the first 6 days I lived at Sophie's place.  There I had alot of fun and we went to pick strawberries from the farm. Then we went to an oldage home, Town Hall, Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory, Mercedes Benz Meusem and Tubingenwith our German partners. I had great fun when we went to  birthday party with my second exchange partner,Annika.  I just had a really really goodexperience in Germany!”

-        Aditi Arya


“To travel is to live.. this iswhat I learned on this trip. This was my first trip  abroad which was a great experience. I'm glad Igot an exchange  partner like Leonie. Weenjoyed with each other’s company  a lot.She kept me happy and helped me in every way. Her family members were so polite! The trip to the Climbing Garden was greatfun. The entire trip was hectic and I did miss my home, but the visit reallyhelped me grow as an individual nd ler a lot from my experiences!”

-        Eliza Talwani





Aditya Singh Chauhan of Class VII does India proud at the 2nd Asian Cadet Taekwondo Championship 2017

23athletes and 3 coaches represented India in the 2nd Asian Kyorugi and 2ndAsian Poomsae Cadet Taekwondo Championship 2017 held from June  6- 8, 2017, at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

TheIndian team included Aditya Singh Chauhan of Class VII of the VGS.

Theathletes performed outstandingly well in the event, to bring laurels to thecountry. Aditya Singh Chauhan of ClassVII bagged a bronze medal in the Under 65 kg category.

Indiabagged 5 bronze medals at the event, the biggest haul till date in an InternationalTaekwondo Tournament!

Allother athletes fought their bouts very well and the Indian Team won the Best ActiveTeam Trophy!!

The VGS heartily congratulates Aditya and hisparents for his superb performance!!

All the best to the players for the forthcoming WorldCadet Taekwondo Championship to be held in August this year!!


Gender Stereotyping: Inter Galactic Debate Competition for Classes XI & XII

AnInter Galactic Debate Competition on the topic ‘Gender Stereotyping’ wasorganized on April 21, 2017 for classes XI and XII. The strong opinions for andagainst the motion threw light on different perspectives on genderstereotyping, ranging from historical events to feminism. It was a quite asparkling assertion of beliefs which provided stimulating food for thought tothe audience. The enthusiasm of the speakers and the audience was highly appreciable.The judges judged the participants on various parameters and awarded positions,such as the Best Speaker, Best Content and the Best Team. The Best Interjectorwas chosen from the audience. The final verdict remained in favour of the AndromedaGalaxy as it bagged the maximum number of positions.  

Young Fencers of the VGS Hone their Skills in an International Fencing Training Camp

The Delhi State FencingAssociation in collaboration with the Fencing Association of India and theEmbassy of France hosted the 2ndIndo-French Fencing Training Camp conducted by two French Master SwordsmenMario Bourdageau & Damien Touya from April18 to 22, 2017 at the DDA Squash and Badminton Stadium, Siri Fort Road, NewDelhi.

Thefollowing students of from classes VI-VIII got the opportunity to attend thecamp:-

1.     Aditya Deshwal

2.     Mahak Jain

3.     Hardik Sinha

4.     Mrigander Kundu

5.     Abhishek Garg

6.     Arnav Garg

7.     Arnav Nigam

8.     Arastu Gupta

9.     Archit Goel

10. Mehak Arora

11. Geshna Khattar

12. Naman Singla

The young fencerslearnt new technical skills of the game , which further enhanced their stamina& flexibility. Overall, the camp was a great success.

Venkateshwarians Bring Accolades in Earth Day Celebrations Held At Mount Abu Public School

The young Venkateshwarians participated in an InterSchool competition, held at Mount Abu Public School, Sec 5, Rohini, on April22, 2017, on the occasion of World Earth Day.

In the event, Eco Saviours (Rally), the students of ClassesIX-X of the VGS, bagged the Second Position. Their awareness slogans on ‘GoGreen’ and overall presentation, won a lot of appreciation from the judges. Theparticipants were Manya Nagpal,  Geetanshu Bhatla,  Kartikay Sharma,  Chirag Sharma,  Kiaa Aggarwal,  Aadya Manan,  Urvi Poddar, Tisha Gulati, Anay Chauhan,  Avnee Garg,  Shashwat Jha and Riddhi Khosla of Class IX.

The students were awarded trophies and certificatesfor their achievement.

Heartiest congratulations to the young Eco Savioursof the VGS!! 

Venkateshwarians Get Off to a Flying Start in Inter School Competitions

Inan Inter School Group Dance Competition, organized by N.K. Bagrodia PublicSchool, Sec-9, Rohini, on April 21, 2017, the young Venkateshwarians of Classes VII-IX walked away with the SecondPosition. Thetheme was based on North East Indian Folk Dance and was titled “Exuberance of theSeven Sisters”.

TheVenkateshwarians performed a beautiful folk dance from the state of Assam.Their graceful performance and beautiful costumes won the hearts of allpresent.

Theparticipants were Ananya Aggarwal, Jhanvi Latiyan, Sannidhi Jain, AnushkaSharma and Riddhi Bansal of Class VII, Ishta Gupta and Khushi Gumber of Class VIII,Kishika Kaur Narang, Naina Bansal, Nitya Bhardwaj and Shreitika Singh of ClassIX. They were awarded trophies and certificates for their achievement.

Theschool is proud of the dancing champs!! Congratulations!!

Venkateshwarians Nurture their Scientific Temper through an Aerospace and Science Discovery Camp

The school organized an Aerospace and ScienceDiscovery camp in association with Atlantis Erudition on April 12-13, 2017 in itspremises. Students of classes III-XI attended the camp.

The camp was divided into 4 activity sessions of 45minutes each. The first session was in the school auditorium where renownedAustralian science educator and lead instructor, Mr. Sam Gibbs,  briefed students about the day’s programme andconducted some fun activities to explain the concept of energy through VortexCanon. In order to explain Newton’s laws of motion, he used Hydromax Rocketry.Students thoroughly enjoyed his rocket flying session in the school grounds.They were participating through discussions and questions. His sessionsincluded explanation of Bernoulli’s principle and thermodynamics. Also his hotair balloon experiment was enjoyed by the students a lot.

1.     Therewas a Special high Definition and Interactive presentation on the solar systemand space exploration followed by a presentation on Big Bang theory and theimportance of the black hole.  

2.     Inthe amazing electromagnetic Spectrum and hands on experiments session, studentswere told about spectrum, primary and secondary colours, and the difference inenergy of red and blue. They were given a worksheet based on the session.     

In In the Tower building engineering challenge with K’nex , the teams are asked to find ways to create their structuresusing collaborative work ethics, creative design input and most importantlystable, self-supporting structures. This activity not only taught themthe way of building a strong tower but also instilled the importance of teamwork and time management. 

In the sessioninvolving Solar astronomy with dedicated telescopes and observing equipment, students directly observed spectacular solar activity such asprominences, solar flares and magnetic filaments with the help of highlyspecialized Coronado Hydrogen Alpha solar telescope. These telescopes help usto see sun safely.

The camp was reallyinformative and enjoyable and students participated very enthusiastically andactively in all the sessions. The programme helped develop and nurture thescientific temperament and aptitude in the young Venkateshwarians.  
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