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Delhi Traffic Police Cell Conducts Workshop on Road Safety

Road safety and traffic rules are an essentialaspect of every society. Road safety is needed to maintain peace and properdecorum for all on the road. To spread awareness on road safety, a TrafficSafety Workshop was organized on May 14, 2018. Given the importance of theworkshop in the present scenario, not only the students but also Mr. RajeevSolanki. Chairman of the school, members of the administrative wing, andteaching staff attended the workshop. This workshop was conducted by a team of skilled officers which included Mr.Rakesh Paweriya (IPS, DCP-Traffic Outer Range), Ms. Nirmala Devi (ACP- NorthWest), Mr. Narendra Chauhan (TI, Rohini). Inspector Ashok Kumar (Mangolpuri),Mr. Ramvir Sangwan (ASI- Delhi Police Road Safety Cell).

The workshop began onan impactful note with an amusing yet informative nukkad-nattak performed bythe students of class IX. It explained the consequences of underage driving,drinking and driving and talking on phones while riding a vehicle, etc. Next,the students were shown a presentation on road safety by Mr. Rakesh Paweriya.He explained the importance of traffic signals and explained various rules andregulations. He also enlightened the students about the apps used by the DelhiPolice to ensure protection of residents and maintenance of law and order.Among these apps was the Himmat app, which was used for women safety. He also explainedthat people who report traffic violations were frequently rewarded andencouraged the students to do the same. With that, he finished thepresentation. He also warned the students about cab drivers, publictransportation and the consequences of driving scooters without a license. Theworkshop proved to be very informative and helpful to the students. Everybodyunderstood the importance of following traffic rules and pledged to followthem.

The workshop ended witha Vote of Thanks by the Principal, Ms. Kavita Soni. She, on behalf of theschool, thanked the Delhi Police team for shedding light on the importance oftraffic safety.

Venkateshwarians Explore Career Options

Children today are surrounded by a lot of careeroptions. Everything sounds to be alluring but many lack clarity about it. Toshed light on career options in India and overseas, a Career Awareness Workshopwas organized in the school on May 12, 2018 for classes X- XII.

The first session was conducted by resource personsfrom Tathaastu Education Pvt Ltd on SAT i.e Standardized Preparation Test. SATis a standardized test for admission in foreign universities. The key speaker,Mr Devender Kumar, highlighted the importance of SAT, its eligibility, and theright time to start preparing for it. He made the parents and students aware ofwhich countries offer the best options and courses, scholarships, etc. MrAnubhav Dao from the same organization shared his experience of studying abroadand and how such an experience makes students independent and confident. DrRajesh, also from Tathaastu, addressed the queries of the students and parents.

The second session was conducted by Mr Ish Gera, arenowned educationist and career counsellor. Mr Gera and his team fromTeachwell Professional Studies Pvt Ltd focused on the career options availablefor students of all streams. He presented the students with exciting optionslike geology, fashion merchandising, photography, defense forces, civilaviation, ethical hacking; just to name a few. He also took questions from theaudience and cleared their doubts.

At the end of the workshop, students and parentswere happy with the information that was shared with them. Students were moreexcited as they got some clarity of purpose and could understand which path tochoose.

Mom & Me: Little Venkateshwarians of Pre School celebrate Mothers’ Day

The tiny tots of class Pre School made their mothersfeel special when they celebrated Mothers’ Day on May 10, 2018.

The celebration started with the tiny tots’beautiful performance invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, followed by foot tapping dance performances,  thanking the mothers for being a role modelin their lives.

The mothers enthusiastically came forward toshowcase their talent  and share thestage with their little ones in various events: Twinking Toes, Musical Melodyand Traditional Treat.

It was a day of music, dance, fun and togetherness.The mothers went back feeling special and loved with memories to cherish for alifetime.

Young Fencers of the VGS Bring Laurels to the School In Delhi State Fencing Championship

The young fencers of the school participated in theDelhi State Fencing Championship held at Sri Venkateshwar International School,Sec-18, Dwarka on May 10-11, 2018. Their exceptional performance in the eventfetched a big haul of medals for the school. The winners were:

Under10- Girls- Team Event


Aishi Gupta- Class V

Diya Sharma- Class V

Hiya Gaba- Class V


Ashna Gaba- Class IV

Kinjal Goel- Class IV

Under12- Girls- Team Event


Saisha Verma- Class VI

Divija – Class VI

Vrishti Arya- Class VI


Leisha Sobti- Class VI

Krita Jain- Class VI

Shriya Shandilya- Class VI


Bhavishya Dhami- Class VI

Hariti Aggarwal- Class VI

Nishtha Kapoor- Class VII


Under14- Girls- Individual Event

FOIL-GeshnaKhattar- Class VIII- GOLD

Under17- Girls- Individual Event

SABRE-MehakArora- Class VIII- SILVER

FOIL-GeshnaKhattar- Class VIII- SILVER

Under17- Boys- Individual Event

FOIL-KrishnAggarwal- Class IX- SILVER

           Gourang Thukral- Class VI- BRONZE

Ourheartiest congratulations to the young fencers of the VGS!!

Class VII Students Bring Alive Historical Characters through Character Enactment Activity

 “Peoplewithout the knowledge of their past history, culture and origin, are like atree without roots.”

Keeping the above in mind, an inter-galactic competitionon Character Enactment was conducted on May 15, 2018 for students of class VII,based on famous characters of the Indian History.

Thestudents displayed their talent in the role of the character they representedthrough their speech and costumes. The students brought to life the charactersof history making the audience recall their contribution and importance in ourHistory. The rubrics of the judgement involved impact of performance, clarity,relevance to the characters and oral presentation.

Thefirst position was bagged by Nishka Talwar of Barnard’s Galaxy, second positionby Rayan Chopra of Helix Galaxy and third position by Nimit Pahwa of Arp’sGalaxy.

It was amesmerizing performance by the students and the audience too were spellbound onseeing the great characters of History come to life.

Venkateshwarians Display Their Scientific Skills in ‘Battle of the Bots’ Activity

The school witnessed its first battle of bots in the form of RoboHurdle Race, an inter-galactic competition for students of classes IX and Xheld on May 11, 2018. This initiative was part of the Atal Tinkering Lab whichencourages students to innovate and think creatively.

It was a cut throat competition between 8 teams of superenthusiastic students. The robots made by the students had to pass throughvarious obstacles like fallen trees, rocks, stones and bridges.  The aim of the competition was to educatestudents about robotics and programming. Students had made their robots rightfrom the scratch and programmed them to overcome these obstacles. To see thestudents control their bots and cheer for them was a sight to see.

At the end of the thrilling competition, team System Overload fromArp’s Galaxy comprising Ashmit Arya, Ansh Chablani and Sahil Ahuja of Class IXbagged the First Position. The second place was secured by Robo Sapiens fromBarnard’s Galaxy which comprised Aryamann and Ayush Sharma of Class IX.  The Third position went to Arp’s Galaxy’sCircuit Breakers which comprised Ryansh Arora and Animesh of Class IX andTarandeep Singh and Peeyush Aneja of Class X.

Congratulations to all the participants on this maiden venture!

Class VIII students Showcase Their Oratory Skills in English Declamation Contest

Keeping thestudents abreast with the latest issues, the school organised an Inter-GalacticEnglish Declamation on May 10, 2018 for the students of class VIII .Thecompetition aimed at promoting the skills of effective Public speaking. Theparticipants from each galaxy expressed their views on the topic: ‘CelebrityCulture and its effect on Teenagers.’ The competition was judged by theHeadmistress of the school Ms. Preeti Phutela who appreciated the efforts ofthe children and expressed that such competitions lead to free flow of ideasand help in sensitizing towards issues that need attention.

 The first position was bagged by AashviKhandelwal of Arps Galaxy, Second position by Reeva Gandhi of Helix Galaxy andthe third position was taken by Tanishka Mehta of Barnard’s Galaxy

Class X Participates in Inter Galactic Debate Competition

The school organizedInter- Galactic Debate Competition on 4th May, 2018 for class X students.The motion before the House was ‘Grades are a Measurement of Success’. Studentsfrom all four galaxies viz. Arp’s, Barnard’s, Helix and Andromeda participatedenthusiastically.

All the speakersspoke with confidence and élan. The content was well prepared and thoroughlyresearched. The topic was specifically chosen keeping its importance andrelevance for Grade X in mind. The speakers presented their views withassertiveness and validated them with relevant examples. In the rebuttal roundthat followed the debates, students from the audience posed questions. Thesequestions were well thought of and appropriately directed.

At the end of the tworounds, participants from Helix galaxy, Sahil Chopra and Aadya Manan wereadjudged as the winners. The Andromeda Galaxy’s team, comprising Agrima Bhatiaand Garvit Makan, bagged the third position. Vanshika Gupta was declared as thebest speaker. The Principal, Ms Soni congratulated the students on their performanceand emphasized on the importance of such activities for all round developmentof students. 

Venkateshwarians Shine in Inter School Yoga Tournament

The young Venkateshwarians participated in anInter School Yoga Tournament held at Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura, Delhion April 20, 2018 and won several medals in the event. The winners were:

Under 11 Girls

Akshuna of Class VI won the Bronze Medal underthe Consolation Prize category.

Under 12 Girls

Aarunya Sharma of Class VI won the SilverMedal

Priyesi Taneja ofClass VI won the Bronze Medal

Under 13 Girls

Yatika Goel of ClassVII won the Silver Medal

Mumukshaa Goswami ofClass VII won the Bronze Medal

Under 13 Boys

Yash Goel of ClassVII  won the Bronze Medal under theConsolation Prize category.

Under 14 Boys

Kanishk Goyal ofClass VIII won the Bronze Medal  underthe Consolation Prize category

Our heartiestcongratulations to all the young Yoga stars!!

Little Ahaan Chhabra Shines in OCAS –NLE 2017-18

AhaanChhabra of Class I is the School Topper in Orange Competitive Assessments forSchools (OCAS) National Level Examination 2017-18. He was selected on the basisof highest percentage and percentile and shortest test completion time acrossall subjects and grades in the school.

Ourheartiest congratulations to Ahaan for this marvellous  achievement!!

Students of Class IX Conduct Class Assembly on ‘Inner Strength’

On Friday, 27th April, Class IX Norma AndIX Phoenix conducted the morning assembly on the topic ‘Inner Strength’. Therewas a lot to learn in the assembly. The students explained the importance ofinner strength and taught how to use it through a skit.

The Principal, Ms Kavita Soni, also educated the children with herwise words. She also awarded the winners of BEHES- Debate For All-EshaanGulati, Arnav Nigam and Samarth Asija. Ananya Goyal of Class XII was awarded‘Student Of The Year’Award by Times of India- NiE.

Overall, the assembly was extremely motivating andinspiring. All credit goes to the students of class IX Norma and IX Phoenix andthe teachers for creating awareness in the minds of fellow children of theschool.

Congratulations, Pearl Gupta!!

Pearl Gupta of ClassIII Phoenix won a Gold Medal at The 3rd Indian Open International Taekwando Championshipheld at Thyagaraja Stadium, New Delhi on 26 April 2018 .

Our heartiestcongratulations to Pearl for the splendid feat! 

Venkateshwarians Bring Laurels to the School In Inter School Competition

Congratulationsand celebrations were the order of the day as Venkateshwarians proved theirmettle at St Margaret’s Public School’s Inter School competition, Saturnalia2018, held on April 27, 2018.

AnyaDhupar of Class II bagged the second position in Halloween Treat.

ArshiaMehta  and Mridu Jain of Class VIII  secured the third position in Twist the Tale.

InHands on Treasure  - Jewellery Making,  Sprisha Narang and Manya Gidwani of Class VIIgot the third prize.

InModern Art, participants  Mehak Chawla ofClass IX and Urvi Poddar of Class X bagged the first prize while NeelanshAggarwall and Satyam Garg of Class XII walked away with the Second Position inInfotainment.

Kudosto the young achievers!

Venkateshwarians continue their winning streak at BEHES, Debate For All by bagging the Runners Up trophy for the North Delhi region and qualifying for the Nationals.
The competition held at Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Ashok Vihar, on April 21 and 22, 2018 saw debaters from 40 teams of North Delhi battling for the coveted position.The VGS’ debating team consisted of Arnav Nigam of IX Auriga, Samarth Asija of IX Norma, and Eshaan Gulati of X Phoenix .

Students competed against teams from various schools and proved their prudence in every passing round.

On the second day, qualifiers from the previous days’ rounds were announced. Eshaan Gulati secured the 11th place at the end of Day 1, and Samarth Asija secured the 14th place in the Top Debaters' list.

The team qualified for the Nationals and also for the Regional round. In the regional round, the students competed in heated rounds of debate and won the Runners Up position. Eshaan Gulati and Samarth Asija made the school proud  by securing a position in the top 15 speakers. They bagged a silver and bronze medal respectively.

VGS congratulates the students on their achievement and wishes them the best for their future endeavours !

Leading the Band: The VGS Holds its Junior and Middle Wing Investiture Ceremony

The school held its Investiture Ceremony of the Junior and Middle School Students’ Council on April 20, 2018 in its auditorium.It was an extremely proud moment for the school to constitute its first ever Junior and Middle School Student Council. It was a proud moment for the newly appointed office bearers when they received their badges from the School Principal, Ms. Kavita Soni. The members of the Council were selected unanimously by the Principal and the School staff keeping in view some parameters like their  academic and co scholastic areas, their leadership qualities, capabilities, responsibility sense,  attitude , aptitude, punctuality  and tolerance.

The Principal congratulated the school leaders and urged them to imbibe the qualities of discipline, service, focus and leadership while carrying out their duties. The Council Members took oath to undertake their duties with utmost sincerity and prove to be worthy of the confidence entrusted in them.     

The Junior  and Middle School Head Boys, Aditya Gandhi of Class VIII and the Head Girls, Aadya Manan of Class V and Arshia Mehta of ClassVIII,  on behalf of their team, promised to serve the institution diligently and undertake their duties with utmost sincerity and integrity.

“Good morning everyone!!

It’s an honour to head the middle school as the head boy and I take this opportunity to thank my principal ma’am, respected teachers and all my fellow Venkateshwarians. I take this position with responsibility and would work to uphold the Value glory and strength of the VGS. I shall discharge my responsibilities to the best of my ability and strive to live up to the expectations of everyone. I promise that I would lead by setting an example and ensure that together, we attain the goals of the school. Thank you.”- AdityaGandhi- Head Boy- Middle School

“Every human being has multiple roles and responsibilities to play in life. At my age a girl can be a daughter, a sister and a friend.

I am honored and humbled to have another identity – The Middle School Head Girl of  Venkateshwar Global School. It is truly a privilege to be the representative of around 600 students each of whom have great caliber and talent. I take this opportunity to thank our honorable principle ma’am, the in charges, the teachers and my fiends who have shown such great trust in me and chosen me to represent the middle wing.

I hereby promise to uphold the name, respect, honor and glory of the VGS and to meet everyone’s expectations. I hope to receive your support in each step of my journey.”-
Arshia Mehta- Head Girl- Middle School

“A very good morning to one and all present here. I feel honoured to stand here as the Head Girl of Junior Wing. When my mother used to ask me about who is my role model, I used to say I’ll be like Merida from Brave. She is a young girl with responsibilities,a tough woman to deal with, but at the same time a very caring person. She went to great length to achieve her dreams. And now after winning this badge, I feel like Merida of my own story. Being the Head Girl means a lot to me. Now I have a great target ahead of me which is to live up to the expectations of all those who consider me worthy of this position. I promise to do my best!

Thank you!”-Anandi Manan - Head Girl- Junior School

“Good Morning Respected Principal Ma’am, respected Teachers and my dear friends!

I would like to thank respected Principal Ma’am, Coordinators and Teachers for giving me this golden opportunity. It is an honour and privilege for me to be the

Junior Head Boy of the school. I promise to work hard with all my zeal, devotion and determination to bring out the best from the work assigned to me.

Thank you!”-
Shivansh Gupta - Head Boy- Junior School

Commemorating a Decade of Glory..... The VGS Releases its School Stamp

“A century can pass by and feel like anuneventful second, and monumental things can happen in just a decade.”

Today, Venkateshwar Global School, Rohini stands at a precipice wherewe proudly look at all that we have achieved in the past decade. Undeniably, weare a force to reckon with and have made our mark in all that we have done.

To  commemorate the completion of10 successful academic years,Mr Rajiv Solanki, Chairman, Venkateshwar GlobalSchool, Rohini,  and Dr Deepti Solankialong with the school principal, Ms. Kavita Soni, school staff and studentsunveiled the school stamp on 7th April, 2018.

The stamp has the school building engraved in the background.Superimposed on it is the school’s name and the school values- Value, Glory andStrength. At the bottom is the school motto, ‘Where Dreams Come True’.

The launch was a memorable event and the Chairman congratulated theschool staff on the glorious occasion.  

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