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Congratulations for the wonderful Secondary School Result!


Dear Parents This has been an unprecedented year in many ways. We witnessed huge changes all around us. Among many other things, the CBSE could not conduct its examination and had to work out a formula for calculating students’ result. And finally, the result was declared on August 3, 2021. We are proud to inform you that our students have done extremely well as per the result declared by the CBSE. The school’s result is 100%, and 99.5% students having First division. The school average aggregate this year is 86.76%, which is a move up from 82.97% of the last academic year. Angel Sidhu has secured the highest aggregate with 97% followed by Vansh Anand and Agrim Goyal with 96.6% aggregate, Aditya Gandhi, and Varun Golcha with 96% aggregate. 6.43% of our students have secured an aggregate of 95% and above, and 44.05% of our students have an aggregate of 90% and above. When it comes to perfect 100s, our students have done wonderfully well. Kamakshi Garg, Anant Jain, Prithu Sharma, Vivaan Goel have secured 100 in Mathematics; Vansh Anand and Bhavya Ostawal in Science and Angel Sidhu in Social science. This is the time to rejoice in our students’ achievements. They have faced a difficult session with multiple challenges. They adapted to the online teaching-learning platform, online assessments, and the never-ending stress of everchanging plans of CBSE conducted final examination. Our students took all these challenges in their stride, and today, they all are poised to gracefully step forward towards a bright future. We express our gratitude to the parents, who cooperated with the school and provided all learners with the required technology and environment at home for an unhindered process of learning. We take this opportunity to appreciate our teachers’ challenging work and commitment too. Their resilience in these times has been fantastic, who quickly equipped themselves with the skills required for handling new teaching tools. It is this successful collaboration among students, parents and teachers that enables an educational system to bring an excellent outcome. May we be persistent in our efforts to make this collaboration an effective one for our students! Congratulations to the entire Venkateshwar Global School fraternity! Warm regards Kavita Soni Principal

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