As a reputed school in Delhi-NCR, the VGS aims for educational excellence and understands that the best way to move towards achieving this is to provide top quality teacher training.

The VGS supports teacher development and ongoing education for teachers by ensuring that its teachers enhance their professional expertise, develop new skills and also sharpen existing skills through a range of seminars, webinars, workshops and training courses.
Teachers of the school regularly participate in Capacity building workshops,  seminars and webinars based on topics like effective Classroom Management,  Principles of Teaching – Learning, Motivation, Social contexts and Emotional Needs, Multiple Intelligences, Building 21st century Core Skills, Blended Assessment Techniques, Experiential Pedagogy, Effective Lesson Planning for Active Learning, Development of Life Skills and Values, Language Development, Story Telling and Theatre for Effective Learning, Art Integration in Education, various ICT based and subject specific training programmes etc.
Being a Microsoft Showcase School, the VGS regularly updates its faculty on how to bring 21st-century technology into the classroom using various Microsoft tools and technologies like Office 365, OneNote, Teams and Windows.
The staff of the school also attends regular workshops and training sessions undertaken by POCSO, DCPCR and NCPCR targeted towards enhancing in-depth understanding for protection of children from mental, physical and sexual abuse and exploitation.

The VGS also organizes training, awareness programmes and Mock Drills for teachers on effective Disaster Management and preparedness, response and recovery related to Disaster Risk Reduction.
The various training programmes organized by the VGS, not only help the educators keep themselves updated with evolving teaching technologies, but also help them improve their  overall organizational skills, time management, technical knowledge and learn better ways to motivate students. These skills, when applied effectively, help in the holistic development of both students and teachers alike.

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