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COVID 19 protocols


April 14, 2022 Subject: Covid Prevention Protocol Dear Parents Warm greetings! With the reopening of school after two challenging years, we are striving to go back to normal school routines. But, we need to understand that the crisis is not yet over, and we need to be extremely alert and observant of all safety protocols. The school requests all to adhere to the following Covid Protocols to ensure the safety of students and staff: 1. While in school, all students and teachers must follow Covid appropriate behaviour at all times. ➢ It is mandatory for all to wear a face mask at all times. ➢ The school has installed sanitizer dispensers in corridors and classes. The students are still advised to carry a personal hygiene kit including hand sanitizer, extra face mask and a packet of tissue wipes. They must clean/ sanitize their hands frequently. ➢ All must maintain appropriate social distance to the extent possible. 2. The learning spaces are regularly fumigated and sanitized after the dispersal of students. 3. Only asymptomatic persons (teachers, employees, and students) are allowed in the school premises. 4. Any person – teacher/ student/ staff member/ parent/ visitor must not enter/ is not allowed to enter the school if she/he has come in contact with any Covid patient in the last 10 days; she/he is suffering from fever or has any symptoms of Covid; or, his/ her residence is in containment zone. 5. Self-monitoring of health by everyone and reporting of any illness at the earliest is mandatory. 6. Isolation rooms are set up for immediate isolation of any individual showing any sign of sickness. 7. Only fully vaccinated teachers and other staff members are allowed in the school premises. 8. All parents are requested to observe the Covid Prevention Protocol, especially at the time of drop and pick-up of their wards. As always, we seek your full cooperation and support in following the above protocols in fighting the spread of this disease. Best wishes! Principal

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