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Venkateshwar Global School

Leadership & Governance

VGS’ leadership works with a futuristic vision, ever setting up new goals for the school’s teachers and learners in the rapidly changing world, creating strategies and roadmap to achieve the set goals, and extending the required support to all concerned. The school leadership is ardently committed to encourage all team members to work confidently and enthusiastically.

VGS has a rigorous mechanism to monitor its processes and functions to ensure the best quality at all levels. There is a hierarchy in place to supervise processes and performances across levels, beginning from Coordinators, Headmistresses, Vice Principal, Principal and the Chairman. There is a 360-degree assessment system, in which evaluation of processes and performances is done as per specified parameters. The evaluation is used constructively to review and improve the school’s functioning and processes.

Mr. Rajiv Solanki - The Dynamic Inspiration

Mr. Rajiv Solanki is the young and dynamic Chairman, actively involved in propelling the school in achieving its aim of fostering a more realistic education, preparing young minds to be the global citizens for a new tomorrow. He is the proud recipient of the prestigious Dr. Radhakrishnan Award.

Mr. Solanki is an individual brimming with progressive ideas, who sets vision and targets for the school to achieve, and provides indelible support to successfully execute these ideas into reality.

He has a broad and comprehensive knowledge of the field of education. His alert demeanor and willingness to promote unconventional strategies keep the systems enthused to perform to their optimum best.

With his unambiguous understanding of the present societal and global contexts and his commitment to excellence, Mr. Rajiv Solanki is always keen to provide the best of resources and equipment to facilitate the school’s functioning and processes.

“I envisage my school to be an institution that is equipped with honing the 3 H's… Head, Heart and Hand; an institution, which is flexible to the ever changing learning needs of our students; where learning is relevant to real life situations; and the learners develop into confident, skilled and self sustaining individuals. I stand committed to providing excellence, innovation and diversity in the field of education...”

Rajiv Solanki


Kavita Soni


Mrs. Kavita Soni - The Founding Principal

Equipped with qualities of the head and the heart, Mrs Soni has a wide range of exposure in the field of education. With more than 30 years of working experience with prestigious schools, her rich experience in the academic field and her great administrative acumen, Mrs. Soni has successfully brought the VGS to its present reputed stature in a short period of time and is totally committed towards navigating it towards the realization of its mission.

She dynamically leads a team of teachers, constantly enthused by her vibrant personality. The challenges offered by her are achievable, and the bar is discreetly raised every time. This ability leads all to realize their potential and bring out their optimum performance.

“As the head of the institution, I take pride in saying that the VGS is the second home to its students where they are happy to arrive each morning, feel engaged throughout the day, and leave with new and exciting knowledge. In a nutshell, the school aims at developing generations of self-aware, capable adults who would know what they want from life and in the process, increase the world's most valuable resource - happiness..."

Mr Rahul Solanki - Forever Strengthening VGS’ Initiatives

Mr Rahul Solanki, an alumnus of Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie, with a Masters degree in Marketing from Kingston University, London, is the respected Director of the school. He has been honoured multiple times for his commitment to social service, especially in the field of healthcare and education. It is with this zest and passion; he strengthens the school’s endeavours and initiatives.

A firm believer in the maxim, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”, he consistently encourages all stakeholders to work towards these lofty ideals, and make the educational process meaningful and productive.

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