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Special needs

Venkateshwar Global School provides an inclusive set up to the students with special needs.

  • Personalized Sessions

CWSN are provided one to one session thrice a week with special educators in the room specially designated for special education. They are given additional time under their guidance for their holistic development.

  • Individualized Educational Program

 The educational program followed at VGS is an individualized educational program catering to the needs of individual students.

  • Parent Counselling

Parental support plays a crucial role in the growth of students. The school has regular interaction of the parents with special educators. It also assesses their family situations so that there is a better connection between the student, his/her family and the school. Counselling sessions with the parents and family members are held on regular basis.

  • Curriculum Adaptations

 Curriculum adaptation involves differentiation to meet the needs of these students. The content, teaching processes, assessments, evaluation and the physical environment is modified to help students achieve success. Reduction in syllabus is also done so that these students can achieve their goals. The school provides barrier-free access in terms of the physical environment, curriculum, teaching and assessment to these students.

  • Activity Based Teaching

These students are taught through activity based methods which emphasizes on learning by doing approach. It strengthens their attention and concentration.. Children learn how to be creative and flexible when they explore and take on different roles. Playing helps to develop their gross and fine motor skills, cognitive skills, emotional maturity, self confidence and social skills resulting in overall development of the child.

  • Peer Collaboration

We follow buddy system in the classrooms where CWSN are paired with other students to complete their tasks. These students are encouraged to involve themselves in classroom activities with their peers. This also gives them practice to do hands-on work together.

  • Classroom Seating Arrangement

Seating arrangement in the classroom is near the teacher to facilitate attention and instruction.

  • Behavioural Modification

Behavioural modification is done on a regular basis where the students are taught how to cope with different situations in life. These students are also assigned responsible jobs to boost their confidence.

  • Positive Visualization and Positive Affirmation

The school focuses on positive visualization and positive affirmation approach. These approaches help the students to visualize their life the way they want to take it.

  • Hobbies and Skill Development

Taking care of children’s hobbies is a very good way to keep them occupied. A lot of emphasis is laid on their hobbies and skill development. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to special education. It’s tailored to meet each student’s needs. It is the practice of educating students in a way that addresses their individual differences and special needs.

  • Lift Facility
    The school also provides lift facility for differently abled students.
  • Special Subjects
    Special subjects are introduced only for CWSN at Secondary level like Music, Painting, Vocational Subjects like IT, FMM etc.
  • Proper Guidelines Followed

      The school follows rules and regulations as per the CBSE guidelines/DOE/Ministry      of Social Justice and Empowerment. All exemptions are given to special needs students as per the guidelines and all efforts are aimed at merging them in the mainstream.

Teacher Training

As a reputed school in Delhi-NCR, the VGS aims for educational excellence and understands that the best way to move towards achieving this is to provide top quality teacher training.

The VGS supports teacher development and ongoing education for teachers by ensuring that its teachers enhance their professional expertise, develop new skills and also sharpen existing skills through a range of seminars, webinars, workshops and training courses.

Teachers of the school regularly participate in Capacity building workshops, seminars and webinars based on topics like effective Classroom Management, Principles of Teaching – Learning, Motivation, Social contexts and Emotional Needs, Multiple Intelligences, Building 21st century Core Skills, Blended Assessment Techniques, Experiential Pedagogy, Effective Lesson Planning for Active Learning, Development of Life Skills and Values, Language Development, Story Telling and Theatre for Effective Learning, Art Integration in Education, various ICT based and subject specific training programmes etc.

Being a Microsoft Showcase School, the VGS regularly updates its faculty on how to bring 21st-century technology into the classroom using various Microsoft tools and technologies like Office 365, OneNote, Teams and Windows.

The staff of the school also attends regular workshops and training sessions undertaken by POCSO, DCPCR and NCPCR targeted towards enhancing in-depth understanding for protection of children from mental, physical and sexual abuse and exploitation.

The VGS also organizes training, awareness programmes and Mock Drills for teachers on effective Disaster Management and preparedness, response and recovery related to Disaster Risk Reduction.

The various training programmes organized by the VGS, not only help the educators keep themselves updated with evolving teaching technologies, but also help them improve their overall organizational skills, time management, technical knowledge and learn better ways to motivate students. These skills, when applied effectively, help in the holistic development of both students and teachers alike.

Parental Involvement

The school believes that children must be prepared for the challenges that await them in this unprecedented world, and provided with skills and values that would enable them to flourish and become better humans. The onus of imparting our children with these skills, values, can’t be shouldered by the teachers alone. Therefore, it is important  to strike a balance among the community at large, home and the school.

The VGS aims at maintaining a healthy parent-teacher relationship by

  • Bridging the communication gap among the parents, teachers and learners.
  • Reaching out to parents and allowing them the same.
  • Involving parents in classrooms so that they can understand what is going on in the class and how it would help their children.
  • Encouraging fresh and more pragmatic perspectives to the class and the curriculum from the community.
  • Setting expectations - Letting the parents know what we expect from them and being open for the same feedback.
  • Encouraging mutual appreciation- Parenting and teaching both come with their own set of challenges and hence, it becomes important to support each other.

How we encourage parents’ involvement at the school
At VGS, we sincerely value the concept of being a family, hence, we learn and grow together. That definitely involves our parents who are associated with us in our small and big endeavours.

  • As teachers we need to open the doors of our classrooms for the community, and at first, the parents. On occasions parents can volunteer to be part of the school celebrations like mothers’ day, fathers’ day or grandparents’ day, call for meet and greet from the parents’ end.
  • The carnivals, exhibitions, class presentations etc, such events allow the parents to be there at their child’s special days.
  • The PTAs or PTMs are held on regular basis so that the parents as well as the teachers, are up to date with the child’s progress.
  • The assignments and home tasks are designed in a manner that both the parent and the child are excited about the given activities. Fun surveys, interviews, daily tasks, helping around the house, skill based activities etc., are given where the parents too understand what is going on in the class and how this particular work is going to help build my child’s personality.
  • Class orientation programmes for the parents are held at the beginning of each session to acquaint the parents with the curriculum, syllabus, examinations, teachers etc. so that they can discuss their apprehensions, if any, and we set the tone of the session ahead.
  • Remedial classes and individual interaction with the parents are also offered wherever required to tie up any loose ends and to ensure our students’ smooth progress.

VGS Rohini