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Venkateshwar Global School

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VGS Propels Project Based Learning


VGS has associated with  "Rhapsody Plus", a  project based learning initiative for students of classes 8-12.

The whole experience is going to be online through Rhapsody's TECH PLATFORM called COCOON.

The idea is to encourage all students, whether academically strong or weak, to participate in the program, which will help them in application of concepts, in a very creative manner.

The pilot phase of the program will roll out from Jan 22, 2022 to Feb 22, 2022. Out of the projects mentioned in the brochure,  VGS students will work on two projects in the pilot phase initially. The projects will be sequential, that is, only after completion of one project, the next will start.

The 2 projects identified for the Pilot phase are as follows:

1. Innovation - Dr. Vrish Krishnan, Harvard University

2. Creative Engineering - Dr. Ashwin Mahalingam, IIT Madras

The projects would be offered to the different classes with  varying difficulty levels . They will be  interdisciplinary  and multi-dimentional in  approach.

Since, it is a globally impactful model of fast learning and more importantly application, the school is making attempts to ensure that NO STUDENT SHOULD BE LEFT OUT OF IT, as the aim is to IGNITE CREATIVITY & COLLABORATION among maximum possible students, irrespective of their past performance.

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