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Venkateshwar Global School

Innovative Practices are deftly integrated in the VGS curriculum, which is strongly supported by the school’s efficient infrastructure and its strong faculty, both , in tune with the latest pedagogical and technological advancement.

Teachers at the VGS are focused on enhancing students’ understanding and critical thinking abilities through various innovative teaching pedagogies. Learners’ engagement, bringing in liveliness to classrooms and vital experiences that stimulate learners to research, interact and discover are some of the important objectives being achieved by using varied teaching techniques and technological tools. CBE (Competency Based Education) approach and integrating art in the learning process have contributed to making the process more organized and fun.

LEARNING THROUGH AUGMENTED REALITY: Technology has helped teachers to seamlessly intertwine the physical with the virtual world for enhanced learning. Students enjoy these interactive and engaging experiences, especially in pre-primary and primary classes. The young learners get huge advantage to learn from observing objects that reside in the real world, enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information.

VIRTUAL TOURS: Virtual tours of places is integrated with various subjects for effective and informative learning. Students enjoy visiting zoos, grocery stores, gardens, factories and so on, to make firsthand impressions.

COLLABORATIVE ACTIVITIES WITH LEARNERS ACROSS THE GLOBE: The school has collaborated with its partner schools in South Wales, Germany and Canada through cultural exchange programs, and many other students and educators across the globe, using both physical and virtual platforms, for unique learning opportunities and exposure.

FLIP TEACHING: Students are empowered to take control of their learning under their teachers’ vigilant guidance through group learning. They are motivated to research, gather information, develop questionnaires, conduct interviews and prepare presentations/ reports on the assigned topic/s with clearly defined parameters.

DEBATE, DISCUSSIONS, DRAMATIZATION, STORY TELLING: This is one creative pedagogy to promote our learners’ researching, creative and critical thinking, public speaking, debating, writing and teamwork and leadership abilities to a level par excellence. The activities are a lot of fun for them, and their involvement is enthusiastic.

A TINKERING GROUND OF IDEAS: Students are encouraged to use laboratories, undertake field visits, and develop innovative ideas into projects in the school’s ATAL TINKERING LAB and 3-D PRINTING LAB.

COURSES & PROJECTS IN CODING, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE,& ROBOTICS: are well integrated with the school curriculum to enhance our learners’ thinking, programming and designing abilities.

ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT: To inculcate entrepreneurial skills in young Venkateshwarians, there are activities designed where the students get to learn the fine nuances of entrepreneurial tasks, such as, developing business proposals, Young CEO program etc.

International Collaborations

We create opportunities for collaborations, especially at the international platforms to engage our learners in collaborative projects and activities to provide them varied exposure and experience.


Associated in Students’ and Teachers’ Exchange Programmes with schools in Germany and Canada for the last 10 years as part of its global outreach initiative.


Hosted international delegations from USA, UK and Japan on study tour of the education systems in India


Proud recipient of the prestigious International School Award (ISA) by the British Council since 2012.


Partner school in the prestigious UKIERI (United Kingdom India Education Research Initiative) teacher exchange programme for 3 years.


School organises regular educational visits to countries like Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and the USA for its students.

Ideation and design thinking are prerequisite to all innovations. Students at VGS are actively engaged in such processes through STEAM activities, which are strongly supported by ATAL Tinkering and 3D Labs in the school. Students are challenged with problems on weekly basis, which they are encouraged to solve creatively. VGS students have been performing exceptionally well in related events at national and international levels.

In VGS, we strive to develop self-confident and rational individuals who are able to strongly and effectively communicate their opinions and beliefs through engaging activities, such as, debates and deliberations,and extempore and group discussions.

Art and Culture have unique place in the VGS curriculum. Students learn to convey messages, ideas, and expressions where words fall short. These are the medium that enables one to connect directly with people´s heart and body, more than to the mind, which enables art to actually shift mindsets in a more profound way than other forms of communication.

Art and cultural expressions are promoted in the school in the form of theatre, painting, sculpture, poetry, music, dance, story-telling, etc.

“Let’s together make the world happier and start it from the classrooms”

A VGS classroom is a space where happiness takes precedence, and children are always met with smiles. A space perked up with warmth and positivity, where children’s wellbeing is as important as their academic achievements.

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