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Dear Parents Warm greetings! We all must understand that the basic premise of an educational institution is to instill in learners the qualities and values that help them develop into wholesome individuals. Discipline and punctuality are very important components of this value system. In order to help our children’s educational process go smoothly, I urge all parents to support the school. We all can come together and take care of the following points: 1. Start from home well in time as per the lower limit of the reporting time. 2. Be mindful of the traffic rules. Do not park your vehicles erratically. Improper parking behavior has a cascading effect, affecting all concerned. 3. Don’t be impatient and rude. Avoid conflict and arguments with other drivers on the road and with the schoolteachers and staff on duty. In case of any persistent issue, you may fix an appointment to discuss the same with the principal. 4. Don’t reverse or turn. Follow the directions marked on the given map. This will facilitate the smooth flow of traffic, thereby saving chaos and everybody’s time. Reminder: • Park your car at a distance from the school gate and walk your child till the Gate. • Keep the drop time short and don’t wait after picking/ dropping the child. • Only one of the parents should come to pick/ drop the child to avoid rush at the gate. Looking forward to your support and cooperation. Warm regards Principal

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